LOCATION: Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, West Virginia
PRECEPTORS: WVU Clinical Faculty
DURATION: 2 or 4 weeks
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: This rotation fulfills a senior year requirement for Surgery.


To become conversant with common orthopedic problems and skilled in evaluation and management of trauma presenting to the orthopedic service, in addition to other general orthopedic problems.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

  1. Examination of appropriate orthopedic patients upon admission and follow-up during the length of the selective period;
  2. Daily examination of orthopedic x-rays;
  3. Daily teaching rounds;
  4. Observation of office patients;
  5. Weekly orthopedic conference;
  6. Crippled children's clinic once monthly;
  7. Assisting in operating room, cast room, and emergency room.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Available in the department.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

On the first day of rotations, Charissa Davis will assign preceptor. Please contact physican's office when you receive assignment.