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Community-Based Health Care - Morgantown Health Right

LOCATION: Milan Puskar Health Right, 341 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV  26505  

PRECEPTOR: Melanie A. Fisher, MD, MSc

DURATION: 2 weeks minimum

OFFERED: September to November and January to April each academic year


STATUS: Elective (Hours in the elective will not count toward required community services hours)


The primary objective of the elective is to provide students with the opportunity to work in a community clinic that serves people with limited or no regular health care access.  Students will experience how health care providers work with limited resources for the good of their patients. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how a non-profit, community-based clinic deals logistically with finances, medications, staffing and regulations. Students will work with an inter-professional team of regular staff and volunteers while serving patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Students will have the opportunity to five back to the community and witness how healthcare providers can incorporate volunteerism in their future practice.

Patient Care:

  1. Recognize and practice the important aspects of a history and physical exam in patients presenting with a wide spectrum of medical problems in the outpatient setting
  2. Describe the use of the inter-professional team at Health Right in addressing all patient needs
  3. Collaborate with the team of health care professionals to provide patient-focused, preventive, acute, chronic and cost-effective care

Medical Knowledge:

  1. Identify the most common medical problems encountered in a community clinic serving uninsured individuals and others with limited resources
  2. Describe the work-up and treatment of these medical problems

Practice-Based Learning:

  1. Apply the use of information technology to support patient care management and decisions
  2. Evaluate and utilize evidence from national guidelines to guide preventive care practices in the outpatient setting

Communication Skills:

  1. Demonstrate effective and respectful communication with patients and families across a broad range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds
  2. Recognized the elements required for complete and accurate documentation of a clinical encounter in written or electronic format


  1. Demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to a diverse patient population including diversity in culture, age, gender, race, religion and disabilities
  2. Demonstrate timeliness and punctuality in the process of learning and completing professional and clinical responsibilities

Systems-Based Practice:

  1. Define the roles of healthcare professionals and demonstrate how inter-professional collaboration supports and improves patient safety and patient-centered outcomes
  2. Recognize how health care disparities affect patients, families, the community and the health care system at large
  3. Advocate for quality patient care by recognizing financial barriers


  1. The primary site of learning for the rotation will be the Milan Puskar Health Right located in downtown Morgantown.
  2. Additional experience at Health Right will include:
  • Working in the on-site pharmacy with the pharmacy technician seeing how medications are dispensed, tracked and monitored in a free clinic
  • Spending time with staff and clients at the Harm Reduction clinic for substance use disorders
  • Visiting the Friendship Home (part of Health Right) which serves homeless in the community and many individuals with mental health disorders
  • Student will have the option of volunteering after hours at the bi-weekly pediatric clinic which serves uninsured children


Formal Assessment: Students will receive ongoing feedback on their medical knowledge, communication and professionalism from their preceptors during clinic sessions.

Summative Assessment: clinical preceptors at Health Right will fill out the fourth-year student evaluation form on the student at the end of the rotation and submit these to preceptor.  All evaluations will then be compiled and summarized for a final evaluation to be submitted for a grade


Please contact Dr. Melanie Fisher, mfisher@hsc.wvu.edu at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your rotation for info on where to report and what the hours are for the rotation.