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Health Policy and Advocacy

LOCATION: State Capitol and the offices of the West Virginia State Medical Association, Charleston, WV
PRECEPTOR: Joseph Selby, MD and Lisa Costello, MD
DURATION: 2 weeks maximum
OFFERED: Intermittently. Offered only during the 60 day regular legislative session beginning the second Wednesday in January 2020.
(Offered only to WVU medical students)
STATUS: Elective


  1. To understand the legislative process and how it pertains to the practice of medicine.
  2. To understand how to approach your elected representatives in a constructive manner to discuss issues that may affect the practice of medicine.
  3. To understand the roles of the state and national medical organizations such as the WVSMA and AMA as they pertain to the legislative process.
  4. To understand the process of how a piece of legislation works through committee to the legislature.
  5. To learn how to effectively present legislation and present testimony to lawmakers in committee or in session.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

The student will work directly with a member of the West Virginia State Legislature to gain firsthand knowledge of the legislative process. This will involve observing the workings of committees such as the Health Committee and may also include the reading of legislation to a committee or providing testimony related to a bill being considered at the committee level.

The student will spend time at the offices of the West Virginia State Medical Association to gain firsthand knowledge of the purpose and functions of the organization.

A brief presentation concerning the progress of a piece of legislation of interest to the student will be required. This presentation will be given to the course directors upon returning at the conclusion of the rotation.

Clinical opportunities at the Capitol Dispensary may also be available.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Daily observation - The precepting legislator will write a brief synopsis of the student's performance at the end of the rotation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Dr. Selby, selbyj@wvumedicine.org , two weeks prior to rotation start date.