Emergency Medicine

LOCATION: Ruby Memorial Hospital, Morgantown, West Virginia
PRECEPTOR: Allison Tadros, M.D.
DURATION: 4 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


To acquaint medical students with all aspects of emergency medicine. This includes interaction with prehospital personnel, the triage system, as well as the care of patients of every age group with both major and minor problems. Emphasis is on a team approach to care and interdisciplinary communication.

Methods to Achieve Objective

The students will spend approximately 16 shifts per block in the main Emergency Department and WVU Urgent Care. Students are expected to take histories, perform physical exams, formulate differential diagnoses, participate in treatment, and help arrange patient disposition. In addition, the students can expect to perform several procedures which may include suturing, splinting, pelvic exams, slit lamp exams, lumbar punctures, etc. Students will be exposed to emergencies in pediatrics, trauma, surgery, gynecology, neurology, and medicine. For didactic learning the students are offered a self-guided workbook to borrow for the 4 weeks. Students are also welcome to attend all lectures from 8:00 - 12 noon on Thursdays. In addition, there are student oriented lectures each month. During the month of July students are welcome to attend the Topic oriented lecture series with the Emergency Medicine interns. Students attending this lecture series will have a reduction in clinical shifts.

Exmination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Final evaluation is based upon daily evaluations. There is also a standardized examination at the end of each rotation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Ashley McDonald two weeks prior to rotation start date. ashley.mcdonald@hsc.wvu.edu / (304) 293-5393