Department Recognition

Beth Ann McCormick, a Program Specialist for the Pathologists’ Assistant Program in the Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Laboratory Medicine was recognized for her creativity, receiving a University long-form award on March 29, 2023.

In Beth Ann’s words:

“This artwork is a ceramic plate that was decorated using flow paints in a small bottle with a very fine tip to allow just enough paint to come out so that it could be combined with other colors to give the effect of multiple mixed colors in one area.  It is a PET scan of a normal brain.  The grey background was used because I like the quote from Hercule Poirot “it is time to use those little gray cells” when he is thinking of who committed the murder in an Agatha Christie novel. This work was completed in an 8-hour day which allowed me to play with the colors and match them to the PET scan that I had beside me while painting.  Anatomy artwork is fascinating in that you can see what is involved within the body.”

Her artistic work, Thinkin’ A Head,  is viewable on the 2023 Long-Form Scholarship Virtual Showcase or at the Downtown Library.

Congratulations Beth Ann!