Digital Pathology

“The future of Pathology is digital, where pathologists provide accurate diagnoses that are critical to physicians and patients.”     

 John Ozolek, MD
 Professor and Clinical Director of Digital Pathology

Dr. Ozolek ensuring the whole-slide scanned images meet quality standards before they are viewed by the case pathologist.

The Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Laboratory Medicine (PALM) at the West
Virginia University School of Medicine is committed to providing high-value and state-of-
the-art pathology and clinical laboratory services, educating the next generation of
physicians, pathologists, laboratorians, and anatomical scientists and advancing pathology
and laboratory medicine practice through translational, clinical, and educational research.

  • Digital Pathology allows us to distribute
    images to our pathologists spread across
    WVU Medicine, facilitating patient diagnosis,
    specialist consultations, intraoperative
    consults, and tumor boards.
  • Whole-slide images created through the
    Digital Pathology Program enhances our
    educational programs for Pathology residents,
    medical students, histotechnologists,
    pathologists’ assistants, and students
    entering other healthcare fields.
  • By developing artificial intelligence and
    machine-learning tools, we will transform
    pathology practice and extend our
    translational research programs.