The Clinical Chemistry and Immunology (Chem/Immuno) at West Virginia University is designed to instruct trainees in Chem/Immuno in a tertiary care, academic setting as well as a large, academic community hospital. Physicians in training are instructed in the methods used in automated chemistry, toxicology, and immunology laboratories. More importantly, they are expected to interpret laboratory findings and to troubleshoot unusual lab results. By providing residents with increasing responsibilities and duties, as their level of training increases, the teaching faculty hope to instill in the resident the skills and tools necessary to develop a life-long course of continued professional development.

Training Sites/ Institutional Site Directors

  • WVU -  Danyel Tacker, Ph.D.
  • CAMC - Phyllis Sawyer, M.D.


  • Duration of Rotation - 3 months
  • Post Graduate Level of Residents Involved in Rotation - PGY levels 1-4

Coordinating Teaching Faculty Member

  • WVU - Danyel Tacker, Ph.D.
  • CAMC - Phyllis Sawyer, M.D.

Teaching Faculty Members

West Virginia University

  • Danyel Tacker, Ph.D.
  • Peter L. Perrotta, M.D.

Charleston Area Medical Center

  • Phyllis Sawyer, M.D.