Most pathologists will be called on to manage important clinical resources. The increasing complexity and competitiveness of the healthcare environment demands effective management by all those responsible for deploying resources. There is a broad consensus that training in management skills should be a part of the training of pathologists. Similarly because of demands for increasingly effective communication of pathology’s primary product, information, pathologists must possess communication skills and be familiar with modern means for collecting, storing, and disseminating clinical information in support of patient care and education of professional colleagues.

Principles of management and informatics are challenging to convey to residents and fellows who are dealing with the urgency and workload related to patient care. In addition, because of a lack of prior exposure, many residents find it difficult to put the principles covered into a structured whole that can be remembered and applied. Therefore, in the rotation emphasis is placed on including the residents in outreach activities with faculty members who serve as laboratory directors in small community hospitals via WVUH’s outreach service, University Medical Laboratories (UML).

Training Sites/Institutional Site Directors

WVU - Kymberly A Gyure, M.D.


  • Duration of Rotation - 1 month
  • Post Graduate Level of Residents Involved in Rotation - PGY levels 3-4.

Coordinating Teaching Faculty Members

Barbara Ducatman, M.D.

Teaching Faculty Members

West Virginia University

  • Kymberly A. Gyure, M.D.
  • Douglas Toothman