Program Mission and Goals

Division of Physician Assistant Studies Mission

The West Virginia University Division of Physician Assistant Studies is committed to partnering with communities to improve the health and quality of life for individuals within and beyond the state of West Virginia. ​

The Division is dedicated to addressing health care needs by offering a high-quality academic program that strives for excellence in education and clinical practice. ​

The Division, through promotion of quality improvement and evidence-based practice, contributes to scholarship in the field. ​

The program provides a model for addressing health disparity through an understanding of health and health policy, as well as awareness of social drivers of health and quality of life locally and globally.

Division of Physician Assistant Studies Goals

The goals of the program are to prepare physician assistants who: ​

  1. Contribute as members of an interprofessional team to deliver health care across multiple healthcare settings. ​
  2. Address issues of prevention and chronic disease management in rural and underserved areas, especially in West Virginia. ​
  3. Pursue and apply evidence-based practice. ​
  4. Demonstrate professional integrity through practice in an ethical and legal manner. ​
  5. Commit to professional development and lifelong learning.