2009 Lineup

November 16 is Global Health Day and this year's focus will be on "The Global Landmine Crisis" with Ms. Alison Bock.

WVCBL: West Virginia Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Bombs and PSALM: Proud Students Against Landmines in Morgantown, West Virginia, are dedicated students and citizens who work to educate the public about the dangers of landmines and cluster bombs.

"PSALM" (Proud Students Against Landmines and Cluster Bombs) are working members of the West Virginia International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Cluster Munitions Coalition. We hope to prevent future casualties, as well as contribute to the universal signature of the treaties banning these weapons by ALL countries. WCBL/PSALM work on various projects throughout the year including poster making, letter writing, petition drives, awareness days and presentations in our school, community and state. The students are encouraged to dream of a more just and peaceful world and to make that world a reality. They are empowered to truly make a difference!