Visual Function and Morphology Core

The Visual Function & Morphology Core (VFM Core) provides equipment oversight, training, and assistance as needed to promote an environment conducive to success for the project leaders and others of the Visual Sciences Center of Excellence. Serving as a focal point for experimental design, data acquisition and functional analysis. In addition to equipment and expertise, the VFM Core offers technical assistance in transmission electron microscopy preparations, histology sample preparation, ERG/OKR assessments, and electroporation/orbital injections.

Equipment Available

ERG measurements of retinal function

Transmission electron and super resolution light microscopy of photoreceptor cell layer

Retinal blood flow tracing using microbubble contrast agent and the Vevo Ultrasound

OCT measurements of retinal thickness

Comparison of SIM super resolution to standard confocal microscopy

Visual Sciences Center of Biomedical Research Excellence