Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

We take care of patients of all ages with psychiatric illness within the entire WVU/CAMC complex, in our own clinic and in the ER. We have spirited teams of residents, med students, osteopathic students, and psychology interns working with residents training in general psychiatry or medicine and psychiatry along side of a mix of faculty composed of psychiatrists certified in general psychiatry, child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, addiction psychiatry as well as clinical psychologists and MSW’s. Students get to see a wide range of patients in a wide range of settings with a wide range of illness acuity. They get to do initial evaluations, watch others do evaluations and implement treatment, discuss what is happening and get a heavy dose of feedback and didactics. Two weeks of neurology in the hospital and in clinics makes up the scope of training. Each student has his/her own mentor to ensure the training works for him/her. We aim to impart to each student a strong comfort level with a wide range of mental disorders along with experience dealing with people with a wide range of psychiatric illness.