Appalachian Vision Outreach Program (AVOP)

In 2011, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation awarded an initial startup grant for the Appalachian Vision Outreach Program.   The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation has continued to support this program in coordination with the McDonough Foundation, Wal Mart Foundation and private donations. 

AVOP provides care to all West Virginians that may not have access due to geographical or financial obstacles.  A team from the West Virginia University Eye Institutes travels to all areas of the state to provide screenings, full exams, glasses, identification of eye diseases, referrals for specialty care and surgery, if required.  In 2017, this team evaluated over 1300 patients and identified eye disease that left untreated could have led to blindness.   

AVOP has partnered with the Free Clinics of WV, community health clinics, Lion’s of WV and local eye care providers to fulfill this mission. 

AVOP is actively seeking funding for this program to continue to reach the underserved in Appalachia.  Please contact Rebecca Coakley at for more information. 

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