Fellowship Program History

In 2014, the WVU Department of Family Medicine formed a new Family Medicine faculty development fellowship entitled “Patient-Centered Medical Home Fellowship.”  The fellowship position was filled in three of the last four years.  Two graduated fellows have taken faculty positions within the WVU Department of Family Medicine:  Dr. Shaylee Peckens and Dr. Melody Phillips.  Dr. Peckens is Assistant professor and the Medical Director of Quality for the department.  Dr. Phillips is Assistant professor and is participating as faculty in the Culinary and Lifestyle Medicine Tracks.  Dr. Umama Sadia is the current fellow for the 2017-18 academic year.

In 2018, the WVU Graduate Medical Education Committee approved changing the current fellowship to the “Population Health Management in Primary Care Fellowship.”  The WVU Departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine have collaborated to make this fellowship offering available to graduate of accredited residency in any of the three primary care disciplines. The fellowship focus has been broadened to population health management, with emphasis on primary care approaches (including patient-centered medical home) but also including health system approaches.  The fellowship now offers a two-year option to incorporate curriculum for a Master’s Degree in Public Health through collaboration with WVU School of Public Health or Master’s in Science with WVU Clinical Translational Sciences Institute

Prior Fellows and Current Positions:

2017-18 Umama Sadia, MD, PCMH CCE

            Private Practice, Louisville, KY

2015-16 Melody Phillips MD, PCMH CCE, CCMS    

A photo of Melody Phillips.
Melody M Phillips, MD, CCMS
West Virginia University
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

2014-15 Shaylee Peckens, MD, PCMH CCE

A photo of Shaylee Peckens.
Shaylee A Peckens, MD
West Virginia University
Quality Medical Director & Assistant Professor, Family Medicine