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General Practice, OB/GYN

LOCATION: Berkeley Medical Center for L & D cases, Clinic for outpatient
PRECEPTOR(S): Jabin Janoo, MD, Lori Tucker, DO, Jessica Hott, DO, Erin Miller, DO
DURATION: 2 weeks or 4 weeks
OFFERED: Intermittently
STATUS: Elective 

This is a General OB_GYN rotation for 4th-year students to provide experience with all aspects of a OB/GYN practice, including, pre and post partum care,  Gyn Surgery, L&D experiences, and will cover women’s health throughout the patient’s life time.

This elective is especially for students who are looking to greatly increase their skills in Women’s Health. Students taking this elective will be better prepared to start residency in OB/GYN practice,  as a result of this elective.


Patient Care:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in history taking and physical examination with the goal of clinical correlation and the development of subsequent differential diagnosis and management plans.  
  • Recognize low and high risk obstetrical complaints and conditions and the management of these issues.
  • Recognize common gynecological complaints and conditions and their management. 
  • Describe the principles of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum Care
  • Describe pre and postoperative gynecological care
  • Manage obstetric and gynecological patients admitted to the hospital and in the outpatient setting. 
  • Perform assigned medical procedures appropriately and professionally under supervision.  

Medical Knowledge:

  • Demonstrate competence in knowledge of common Ob-gyn disease processes
  • Recognize low and high risk obstetrical complaints and conditions and the management of these issues. 
  • Recognize common Gynecological complaints and conditions and their management
  • Describe the principles of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum care.
  • Describe the principles of pre and postoperative gynecological care. 
  • Describe the continuity of a gynecological patient care as a primary care physician.
  • Describe the technical skill necessary for surgical care
  • Describe the various gynecological surgical procedures and know their expected outcomes and complications. 
  • Describe routine pre-natal care in the office.
  • Describe spontaneous vaginal delivery, operative deliveries and Cesarean deliveries. 
  • BE knowledgeable of tocodynamometer and fetal heart rate monitoring in intrapartum obstetrical care.

Practice-Based Learning:

  • Practice appraising and assimilating scientific evidence and improving patient care based on constant self-evaluations and life-long learning.  Locate, appraise and assimilate evidence from scientific studies.
  • Demonstrate self-directed learning skills that allow students to take personal responsibility for learning current knowledge as well as life-long learning. 
  • Use information technology to research and manage information
  • Facilitate the learning of other medical students and health care professionals

Communication Skills:

  • Use effective listening skills
  • Work effectively with others as a member of a health care team
  • Demonstrate courteous and compassionate communications with patients, family members, colleagues and staff. 
  • Work with health care professionals to provide patient-focused care
  • Demonstrate well organized and concise patient presentation.
  • Demonstrate well-written


  • Demonstrate courteous and compassionate communications with patients, family members Colleagues and staff.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to patients’ culture, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and disabilities
  • Demonstrate maturity and integrity.
  • Demonstrate time management skills. 

Systems-Based Practice:

  • Recognize his/her role as a leader and advocate for women.
  • Recognize the need for and application of cost-effective health care and resource allocations.


On-site teaching for patient specific concerns with dedicated time for questions and discussion of patient care


Formative Assessment: Direct observation and direct feedback

Summative Assessment Criteria (for satisfactory completion of the elective). Written clinical performance evaluation using the standardized elective M4 Evaluation, or students School evaluation form. 


Contact: Christa L. Schwoerer. Christa.Schwoerer.m@wvumedicine.org