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Pain Medicine/PM&R

LOCATION: Parkway Neuroscience and Spine Institute, 17 Western Maryland Parkway
                    Suite 100, Hagerstown, MD
PRECEPTOR: Rehan Waheed, DO, JD, MA
DURATION: 2 weeks
OFFERED: Intermittently throughout academic year
STATUS: elective


Medical Knowledge:

  1. Learn and advanced history and physical Approach to patients with musculoskeletal problems.
  2. Learn advanced history and physical approach to patients with chronic or complex pain. States.
  3. Learn principles of musculoskeletal care as well as enhance pain medicine knowledge.
  4. Develop a working knowledge of complex pain management procedures.
  5. Demonstrate use of basic clinical judgment as well as the application of analytical treatment approaches to provide patient relief

Patient Care: 

  1. Examine and take complex patient histories regarding musculoskeletal complaints as well as complex pain states. Work with attending providers and patients to find the appropriate multidisciplinary treatment plan.

Problem Based Learning:

  1. Analyze practice experience and work on quality improvement issues.
  2. Locate, appraise and assimilate evidence from scientific studies

Methods to Achieve Objectives

Use information technology to research and manage information. 

Communication: Interact in a professional manner with a multidisciplinary staff
including neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, midlevel provider’s
nurses, and medical assistants in the office and surgery settings.

Work effectively with others as a member of a health care team. 

Council and educate patients and their families.

  • Professionalism:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles, including provision or withholding of care, confidentiality, informed consent, and business practices
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to patients’ culture, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and disabilities
  • Participate as an active member of a team delivering acute patient care.

SBP:  Complete assessments and evaluations. Identify appropriate treatment plans

Identify clinical interventions and therapy available in the clinical hospital setting.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Written evaluation by the medical director in narrative form as well as weekly progress meetings addressing objectives and goals and whether they are being met

Pre-Rotation Instructions

You must contact the Office of Student Services, Eastern Division, two weeks prior to beginning of rotation to determine where to report. Phone: (304) 596-6312. Email address:  horstj@wvumedicine.org