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Past Activities

Breakthrough Blitz

The Breakthrough Blitz is a biweekly summary of three recently published breakthroughs in neuroscience. The eight-minute presentations are delivered by a scientist, a clinician, and a trainee, followed by a five-minute question/answer session. The Blitzes are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month in conference room 301 of the Erma Byrd Biomedical Research Center, beginning at 4:45 PM (hors d'oeuvres at 4:30 PM).

Neurotechnology/Neuroscience (nt/ns) Teams

A major initiative during the past year has been the formation of neurotechnology/neuroscience teams to develop novel technologies that open avenues to address key scientific questions in neuroscienceMonthly meetings that bring together faculty from engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and neuroscience culminated in submission of grant applications for pilot grants. Each application was required to have two Co-PIs, one non-neuroscientist and one neuroscientist. Seven applications were funded for our launch grant cycle of June 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017.