On Call Duties

  • The residents communicate with surgeons and others who require rush processing for cytology/FNA specimens on evenings and weekends.
  • The residents assist in obtaining and preparing rush cytology specimens whenever possible, particularly FNAs with direct smears.
  • Residents assist the faculty in reaching accurate cytologic diagnoses, formulating their own prior to faculty review whenever possible.
  • Residents communicate results of cytology cases to the clinical staff and answer questions about the diagnostic and prognostic implications.

Cytology call is a component of AP call, which residents take throughout the year.

Charleston Area Medical Center

This is the same as WVUH except that there is no weekend on-call rotation.

Communication with On-duty Faculty

During general working hours, the on service teaching faculty is available in person; other faculty members are available by scheduled appointment, by phone, by pager, and most of the time residents may just feel free to walk into their offices. During the on call hours, the teaching faculty is continuously available either at home by phone or by pager

Structured Education and Management of the Cytopathology Laboratory

The residents attend scheduled quality assurance, laboratory safety, and other appropriate staff meetings, as they relate to cytopathology. As opportunity provides, residents will be allowed to participate in CAP laboratory accreditation activities, including self-inspections and inspections of other institutions. Residents are urged to attend an Inspection Training Course provided by the CAP.