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Bernard Zimmermann, MD, Visiting Professor Lectureship

Bernard Zimmermann, MD became the first chairman of the Department of Surgery at West Virginia University in 1960. During his 13 years in this position, he simultaneously maintained an active research laboratory, recruited competent, able faculty members and developed an excellent surgical residency program. During the course of his career, Barney's insatiable curiosity for the unexplained produced many significant contributions, both laboratory and clinical, to knowledge in electrolyte balance in postoperative patients, the role of the adrenal gland, the intricacies of antidiuretic hormone, the endocrine functions of the pancreas, the repair of iatrogenic biliary tract injuries...his profound intellect, his underlying warmth, his willingness to help and his dedicated interest in their welfare was soon recognized by all whom he touched. Transactions of the American Surgical Association, 1984.

Past Visiting Professors

  • 2021 Joseph "Jay" Zwischenberger, MD, FACS
    Professor of Surgery, Divisions of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Engineering
    University of Kentucky, College of Medicine
    Lexington, KY
    “SIMPL, Feedback, and Simulation – It’s All Good”
  • 2019 John A. Weigelt, MD, DVM
    Professor of Surgery
    Department of Surgery Sanford Medical Center
    University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD
    ”Laudable Pus – A Historical Perspective”
  • 2018 Melinda R. Kibbe, MD, FACS, FAHA
    Colin G. Thomas, Jr. Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery 
    University of North Carolina
    “When Mice Are Men: Sex Bias in Surgical Research”

  • 2017 Timothy Pawlik, MD, MTS, PhD
    Chairman, Department of Surgery
    Professor of Surgery and Oncology
    The Urban Meyer II and Shelley Meyer Chair for Cancer Research
    The Ohio State University
    Wexner Medical Center
    “Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: Update in Management”
  • 2016 Gary Dunnington, MD
    Jay L. Grosfeld Professor of Surgery Chairman
    Department of Surgery Indiana University School of Medicine
    Watch the Video: Measuring and Improving Performance in Surgical Training
  • 2015 James A. O’Neill, Jr., MD
    Emeritus Professor and Chair
    Section of Surgical Sciences
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
    “The New Humanitarianism”
    “Fetal Imaging: Current Concepts”
  • 2014 Amy Halverson, MD
    Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University
    Feinberg School of Medicine, Division of Gastrointestinal and Oncologic Surgery, Chicago, IL
  • 2013 John R. Potts, III, MD, FACS
    Professor of Surgery; Senior Vice President for Surgical Education (ACGME) - Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education, Chicago, IL
  • 2012 Robert M. Goldstein, MD, Director
    Liver Pancreas Disease Center; Assistant Director, Transplant Institute
    Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
  • 2010 Wiley W. “Chip” Souba, Jr., MD, ScD, MBA
    Dean, College of Medicine and Vice-President and Executive Dean for Health Sciences
    Professor of Surgery, Columbus, OH
  • 2009 Julie Ann Freischlag, MD, Professor of Surgery 
    The William Stewart Halsted, Professor and Chair
    The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 2008 Goran Klintmalm, MD 
    Professor and Chair, Director of Transplant Service
    Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX
  • 2007 Robert S. Rhodes, MD 
    Associate Executive Director; American Board of Surgery and Director of Evaluation
    Philadelphia, PA
  • 2006 Victor Fazio, MB, MS, FRACS, FACS, FRCS 
    Chairman, Department of Colorectal Surgery; Vice Chair, Division of Surgery
    The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • 2005 Timothy C. Flynn, MD
    Professor and Associate Dean
    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • 2004 Edward B. Diethrich, MD  
    Medical Director and Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery; Founder of the Arizona Heart Institute
    Phoenix, AZ
  • 2003 Keith D. Lillemoe, MD
    Professor and Vice-Chairman; Department of Surgery
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
  • 2002 David L. Dunn, MD 
    Jay Phillips Professor and Chairman of Surgery
    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2001 Michael G. Sarr, MD
    Chairman, Division of General and GI Surgery
    Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • 2000 David N. Herndon, MD
  • 1999 Alden H. Harken, MD
  • 1998 Edward M. Copeland, MD
  • 1997 Samuel A. Wells, Jr., MD
  • 1996 Walter Lawrence, Jr. MD
  • 1995 Aldo R. Castaneda, MD, PhD
  • 1994 Ward Griffen, MD
  • 1993 Clyde F. Barker, MD
  • 1992 R. Scott Jones, MD
  • 1991 Colin G. Thomas, MD
  • 1990 Vincent Gott, MD
  • 1989 John L. Cameron, MD
  • 1988 Norman W. Thompson, MD