Application Process

Application for this rotation is through Dr. Melanie Fisher. Copies of your passport and travel insurance will be required. Be sure that your passport is valid more than 6 months after the departure date.


San Lucas is located about 80 miles west of Guatemala City at an elevation of 5200 feet. The days are warm (75 - 80). Early morning, late afternoon and nights are cool sometimes going down to about 45. The people of Guatemala are mostly of Indian ancestry but about 40% of the population is Latino. The official language is Spanish but many people speak only the Mayan Indian dialect.

The patients who attend the clinic are mainly children and women, occasionally men. A couple times a week students and faculty will visit other rural clinics.

San Lucas Toliman has various other projects with their Volunteer Program. Students are encouraged to get involved in these projects including reforestation, gardening, coffee processing, construction, water management, school, and adult literacy courses.

More Information on Guatemala