Application Process

Application for this rotation is through Dr. Melanie Fisher. Copies of your passport and travel insurance will be required. Be sure that your passport is valid more than 6 months after the departure date.


Students will rotate through the Department of Pediatrics at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.  Clinical rounds are conducted daily with exposure to tropical medicine cases inclusive of failure to thrive, sickle cell disease, acute rheumatic fever, and other sub-specialty areas.  The clinics include HIV management of the pregnant mother, the HIV exposed infant, the HIV infected child and perinatally HIV infected adolescent.  Students will rotate with the team (social worker, adherence counselor, case manager, nurse, and pediatrician/obstetrician), to experience the comprehensive management of these cases.  A visit to a rural pediatric HIV clinic occurs in alternate months.  Students who wish to, may also join dermatology and pediatric surgery based on available slots.