Research Projects

Current Research Projects

  • Osteoporosis Education Project
  • Student Educator Project

More information on these projects will be available soon.

Past Research Projects

Many of the research projects of the Department of Family Medicine havebeen conducted as part of the West Virginia Research Network.

One such early networked research study involved two academic and two rural clinics, a chart review on adherence to guidelines for assessment and control of atherosclerotic risk factors for patients with hypercholesterolemia.

The majority of the studies done under the umbrella of the WVRN have focused on preventive medicine topics, especially atherosclerotic risk factors and disease, a prevalent problem in West Virginia. There have been four studies involving atherosclerotic risk, diabetes, or hyperlipidemia, including one study that assessed interventional methods to improve documentation of control of atherosclerotic risk factors for patients with diabetes, and guidelines on control of these risk factors were disseminated.