Research Publications

  • A photo of Megan Adelman.

    Megan M. Adelman, PharmD

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    Research Information:
    Diabetes, polypharmacy, COPD, anticoagulation, and dementia care
  • A photo of Amie Ashcraft.

    Amie Marie Ashcraft, PhD, MPH

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    Research Information:
    Survey research; intervention development; program evaluation; qualitative research; writing; editing; grant writing; poser and oral presentations; adolescents; prevention; decision making; sex education.
  • A photo of Barbara Cubic.

    Barbara Cubic, PhD

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    Research Information:
    Psychological testing, psychotherapy, interpersonal and communication skills, grant writing, article reviews
  • A photo of Richard Dattola.

    Richard K Dattola, MD

    Temple University, 1983
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    Research Information:
    Resident career development
  • A photo of Gregory Doyle.

    Gregory A Doyle, MD

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    Research Information:
    Research procedures and resident career development
  • A photo of Karen Fitzpatrick.

    Karen M Fitzpatrick, MD

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    Research Information:
    QI; population health; value-based healthcare; PCMHY; Medicare billing including implantation of new Medicare services.
  • A photo of Treah Haggerty.

    Treah Shea Haggerty, MD

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    Research Information:
    mHealth (mobile health), obesity, and rural populations
  • A photo of Cindie Harper.

    Cindie Harper, MSW

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    Research Information:
    Mental health aspects of social work with a special interest in anxiety and depression and how they affect a person's health and wellbeing. Her main area of focus is how an individual's environment (social, political, familial, temporal, spiritual, economic, and physical) affects health
  • A photo of Dana King.

    Dana E King

    University of Kentucky, 1981
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    Research Information:
    Overall clinical research process, cardiovascular risk and healthy lifestyles/clinical nutrition, grant writing and journal articles and also oral presentations.
  • A photo of Michael Maroon.

    Michael Charles Maroon, DO

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    Research Information:
    Outpatient medicine and teaching
  • A photo of Gaetano Monteleone.

    Gaetano Peter Monteleone, MD

    Jefferson Medical College, 1990
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    Research Information:
    Musculoskeletal medicine
  • A photo of Amy Moyers.

    Amy R Moyers, MD

    West Virginia University School of Medicine, 2014
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    Research Information:
    Women's health, obstetrics; primary care POC ultrasound; physician wellness and burnout prevention
  • A photo of Charles Ponte.

    Charles D Ponte, BS, PharmD, BC-ADM, BCPS, CDE, CPE, FAADE, FAPhA, FASHP, FCCP, FNAP

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    Research Information:
    Diabetes; pain management; education and instructions; women's health; writing and editing; case reports; reviews; letters to the editor; opinions/editorials' survey research
  • A photo of Joseph Selby.

    Joseph B Selby, MD

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    Research Information:
    Opioids and substance abuse; medical marijuana; psychiatry and primary care
  • A photo of Carl Shrader.

    Carl D Shrader, MD

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    Research Information:
    Women's sexual and reproductive health; writing case reports; procedures; and resident career development
  • A photo of Kendra Unger.

    Kendra E. Unger, MD

    WVU School of Medicine, 2008
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    Research Information:
    Integrative medicine, acupuncture; chronic pain; physician wellness; outpatient care
  • A photo of Dorian Williams.

    Dorian J Williams, MD, FAAFP, CPI, CHSE

    West Virginia University, 1989
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    Research Information:
    Simulation education; women's health; procedural competencies; education; career development; clinical trials/patient safety.