MOT Scholarships and Financial Support

Financial support & awards

Students enrolled in the Master of Occupational Therapy Program are eligible for the following opportunities:

  • Tuition waiver through the West Virginia PROMISE scholarship. The WVU MOT is an accelerated program that is among the fastest programs nationwide to gain entry into the field of occupational therapy. Because of our innovative enrollment in the MOT prior to the completion of the bachelor's degree, in-state undergraduate students may utilize their PROMISE scholarship for OT tuition. 
  • Professional Programs MOT Award - this merit based award is given to high achieving out-of-state students enrolled in the first year of the MOT program.  For the 2023-2024 academic year, two qualified students will each be awarded $3,000. Students complete an application during the first semester of the MOT program. The scholarship application is due by Friday, July 12, 2024, at 4:00 pm. This scholarship will be awarded during the fall semester [non-renewable].
  • Neha A. Sanghavi Scholarship - West Virginia residents enrolled in the Division of OT are eligible for this need-based scholarship. As a graduate-level scholarship, MOT students are eligible in their final year of the program. For the 2024-2025 academic year, two qualified students will each be awarded $1,000. Interested students should submit a brief essay (300 word maximum) detailing how this scholarship will enhance their occupational therapy education. Completed essays should be submitted to Dr. Woods, awards committee chairperson, by July 12, 2024 at 4:00pm.  
  • DAR Occupational Therapy Scholarship - This $2,000 scholarship is awarded nationally to two students who are in financial need and have been accepted or are attending an accredited school of occupational therapy. 
  • West Virginia AHEC Rural Community Health Scholars program - This program's duration is two years, and scholars must complete the following requirements annually for a total of 160 hours (80 hours total in year one, and 80 hours total in year two):
    • 40 hours of community-based experiential or clinical training in a rural or underserved area.
    • 40 hours of didactic education via our online platform, SOLE.
    • A stipend amount of $650 per year ($1,300 over the course of the two-year program) will be awarded to all scholars accepted into this program.
  • The Health Sciences Service Program is a loan repayment program (not a financial aid scholarship) for health professions students interested in practicing in underserved communities in West Virginia. The program makes approximately 15 awards each academic year to students enrolled in West Virginia healthcare education degree programs. Students in the final year of a master’s or doctoral occupational therapy program are eligible to apply for $15,000 in loan repayment in exchange for practicing in an underserved area (full-time for two years or half-time for four years).  
  • American Occupational Therapy Foundation Scholarships - Over 50 scholarships are available from the American Occupational Therapy Foundation and state occupational therapy associations. Applicants complete only one online form to apply for all qualifying scholarships.
  • Paid work experience on faculty-led grant opportunities at the Centers for Excellence in Disabilities.
  • Paid work experience serving as a student worker for a number of departmental programs.