Pediatric Research Resources

Several resources are available to faculty, staff, and students who are conducting research and disseminating their findings:

Developing, maintaining, and closing the proper Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols for research projects are essential in maintaining ethical research agendas. The following resources are useful to investigators in this process:

Sample forms are already available for investigator use when developing protocols at this site.

     • Assent form
     • Consent form – only minimal risk
     • Consent form - only minimal risk without HIPAA
     • Consent form – more than minimal risk
     • Consent form – more than minimal risk without HIPAA
     • Parental consent – only minimal risk
     • Parental consent- only minimal risk without HIPAA
     • Parental consent – more than minimal risk
     • Parental consent – more than minimal risk without HIPAA
     • Short form consent

Other IRB forms and sample documents can be found at this site also.

Research Grant Development Resources

Faculty, staff, and students who are interested in potential grant applications based on their research agendas may wish to use the following resources:

Request for Research Support Services

The Department of Pediatrics currently offers a variety of research-based services to faculty, staff, and students. Please complete the following on-line form to request particular assistance. This information will go to the research support team to be addressed quickly and appropriately. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lesley Cottrell at or 304-293-1149.

Research Support Services On-line Request Form


TriNetX is a web-based cohort creation database and retrospective research tool containing the same patient data housed in the IDR. Researchers can browse TriNetX through diagnoses, procedures, medications, laboratory results, and demographics, in a fully de-identified setting. TriNetX can provide information about patient facts and calculate the rate of arrival for patients within your defined parameters to assist in assessing the feasibility of a clinical trial or other prospective studies. WVCTSI has joined the TriNetX Research Network, which allows queries to be run against the 22+ organizations that comprise the Network, or against solely the WVU Medicine network. De-identified datasets can be obtained through TriNetX for queries run on the WVU Medicine network. Additionally, single-cohort outcomes analyses and two-cohort comparison analyses such as Odds Ratio/Risk Ratio and Kaplan-Meier analyses can be run within the TriNetX Analytics module, with more analytic capabilities to be added in the future.

TriNetX accounts are currently available only to WVU researchers; to receive an account, complete the Data Use and Confidentiality User Agreement in iLab. To request a TriNetX demonstration or training, please submit a Consultation Request via iLab. Currently, WVU Medicine patient data is uploaded into TriNetX on a quarterly basis. As our underlying data structure is updated, we anticipate being able to provide more frequent data updates to TriNetX in the future.

Integrated Data Repository (IDR)

The Integrated Data Repository (IDR) consists of WVU Medicine data beginning in 1994, with the most complete and accurate data starting in 2008, when WVU Medicine began using the Epic system for electronic health records. The IDR currently contains demographics, diagnoses, procedures, medications, and laboratory results for over a million patients.