LOCATION: Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, West Virginia
PRECEPTORS: Michael A. Istfan , MD
DURATION: 2 or 4 weeks
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


To expose students to clinical rheumatology.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

By preceptor training in clinic and private practice. The fourth-year medical student will:

  1. See patients daily in the office and clinic;
  2. Discuss management of the disease;
  3. Review laboratory and x-ray data and observe the workings of the office and laboratory;
  4. Observe arthrocentesis with examination of the synovial fluid (Ropes' test, cell count and crystals);
  5. See and present hospital consultations;
  6. Be assigned literature readings.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Available in the department.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact assigned preceptor prior to the beginning of the rotation.