Call Schedule

Our residents cover the WVU ER and inpatient consultation services when they are on call. There is no ophthalmology call at the VA Hospital. Our adult and children's ER is newly renovated and has all of the equipment needed to perform ophthalmology services.

First and second-year residents take call every fourth night on average. The second-years serve as backup to the first-years. The second-year backup role includes taking calls from the first-years and coming in to assist first-years with management of more complex patient concerns. Each academic year starts with two months of "buddy call" to help the first-years acclimate and hone their early skills and confidence.

Third-year residents take call a week at a time to cover the junior residents and to assist on-call faculty with surgical cases. Our fellows and faculty on-call are very approachable and are always available to help with patient care as well.

On weekdays call starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. While our inpatient consult service is managed by our consult service during weekdays, on weekends, the on-call team also rounds on our inpatients.

Call is from home all three years. Parking is very convenient and our residents all find safe and comfortable housing only minutes from the medical center.

Exterior of the WVU Eye Institute