BIOC 750

BIOC 750 Advanced Proteins and Enzymology

Course Description

BIOC750 This is a graduate-level course in which the structures and functions of proteins are explored in detail. The course is arranged into 3 blocks, each lasting approximately 1/3 of the semester. The first block covers the structures of proteins; the second covers the tools (biophysical and genetic) that are commonly used to study proteins; and the third block covers enzyme mechanisms and the kinetic tools used to study them. These topics are covered in a traditional lecture format in a normal classroom setting, along with discussion of relevant papers from the primary literature.

In addition to the lecture portion of the course, the students will also complete a semester-long project in which they explore the structure/function relationships of a protein of their choice. In the first part of the project, the students will prepare and present a poster regarding the structure of their chosen protein; for the second portion the students will write a term paper regarding an experimental design to answer some unanswered question regarding their chosen protein; and in the final portion of the course, the students will present a lecture regarding the catalytic mechanism of their chosen protein for the class. In follow-up to the final lecture, the students will also prepare questions from their lecture for the final exam and will also evaluate the answers to their questions. The course uses a textbook, “Introduction to Protein Structure, 2nd edition” by Branden and Tooze, and an optional textbook is also recommended.

For more information about this course and how to register, Please contact the Course Director:

Mike Gunther, PhD
Department of Biochemistry
PO Box 9142
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Morgantown WV 26506
Tel: (304) 293-0714

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Sample Posters & Lecture Samples

Jess' Poster

Jess' Poster

Dan's Poster

Dan's Poster