BIOC 791A Course Information

BIOC 791A Current Topics in Cell Biology

Course Description

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BIOC791A The purpose of this course is to provide advanced graduate students an opportunity to independently study a focused area of cell biology in considerable depth with the guidance of a faculty member as tutor (the dissertation advisor of the student cannot also serve as the tutor).  Over the course of the semester, the student will scrutinize the primary literature covering a topic of interest and draft an original review of the topic. The faculty tutor will provide direction for the student’s literature search, if necessary, and editorial comments during development of the review. The review should contain a section placing the overall topic in a clinical context.

Specific Objectives

  • Develop a depth of knowledge in a focused area of cell biology
  • Hone critical reading skills
  • Develop scientific writing skills

2019 Syllabus

Faculty: Schaller, Frisch, Martin, Weed, Hazlehurst, Tucker, et al.

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