Pediatric Gastoenterology

LOCATION: Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, West Virginia
PRECEPTOR: John Udall, Jr., M.D., PhD
DURATION: 1/2 month minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


Learn the differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment of common pediatric gastrointestinal disorders such as: chronic abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, vomiting, neonatal cholestasis, and hepatitis. Also learn clinical infant nutrition.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

Student will attend Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic offered four times a week, attend different GI procedures, and participate in the in-patient care and also attend GI Pathology conference and GI Journal Club. Student will interview, examine, and discuss patients in clinic. Student will learn pathophysiology of disease by attending endoscopic procedure and reviewing pathology slides. Attend formal teaching session once a week. Student will present one oral presentation during rotation.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Daily observation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE ROTATION REPORT TO: Suite 104 Medical Staff Building, Women and Children's Hospital at 8:30 AM.