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Clinical Cardiology

LOCATION: Ruby Memorial Hospital, Morgantown, West Virginia
PRECEPTOR: Chris Bianco, M.D.
DURATION: 4 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


Basic training in cardiology, with emphasis on:

  1. Clinical diagnosis and therapy;
  2. Understanding basic investigations (chest X-rays and ECG's);
  3. Appreciating the role of more complex diagnostic procedures, both invasive and non-invasive.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

  1. Evaluate and manage patients on the cardiology inpatient service, under supervision of residents and faculty. Provide cardiac consultations for other services, under appropriate supervision. Attend new patient and return clinics.
  2. Interpret ECG's under staff supervision. Attend student ECG, heart sound, and x-ray conferences of the cardiac service; 3. Attend special conferences, especially cardiac catheter and chest (lung and heart), observe and participate in special investigations on selected patients, and read the cardiology section of a textbook, or cardiology monographs.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Daily observation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Dr. Chris Bianco, two weeks prior to rotation start date.