LOCATION: Ruby Memorial Hospital of the WVU Hospitals, Inc., Morgantown, West Virginia
PRECEPTOR: JoAnn Hornsby, MD and Associates
DURATION: 2 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


  1. To become familiar with diagnosis and management of patients with arthritis and connective tissue disease;
  2. To learn injection techniques as appropriate.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

By participation in initial evaluation and follow-up of both inpatients and outpatients with musculoskeletal complaints.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Daily observation. Students will be evaluated on the quality of their interactions with patients and the completeness of the data base. Their fund of general medical knowledge and their attitudes toward acquiring new information will be evaluated.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Ms. Kayla Page two weeks prior to rotation start date. kpage@hsc.wvu.edu

Report to the Rheumatology office in Room 4075-A Health Sciences Center North at 9:00 a.m.